Mobile advertising can be challenging

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Madin[Ad] mobile ad agency has the largest network of publishers in Greece. We are able to provide you with unparalleled access to your audience. We are working daily to meet the needs of our partners. Be ahead of the game – join us now and start reaching your audience today.

Don’t lose track of your goals

Reaching your audience doesn’t have to be a struggle. We understand that it’s easy to lose the big picture at times. Now, with the use of innovative tools you can be sure that your desired audience will be pulled in. We provide an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use platform. Our extensive suite of tools will allow you full control of your budget, your audience and your campaign.

Best match

Use our multiple digital features designed to assure the optimization of your message. We offer customizable features playing to your strengths. Build and launch your campaign in seconds using our rich media formats.

We’ve got you covered

Every ad tends to different needs and targets different audiences. We make sure that you have the room to innovate and customize. Find out which one of our suggestions works best for you!

Winning Performance

We offer considerably more control over the content and way of advertising with our responsive ad formats. Maximize your viability with embedded ad units, specifically designed for optimal performance.

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With our analytics engine you can be on top of your campaigns any time. Our platform gets constantly updated to meet your every need. Get insights on your campaign with a constant real-time feed and advanced reporting.